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Unlock the True Potential of Your Paint: Unleash the Power of Paint Correction

Restore Your Shine

Experience Auto Styling offers a range of professional paint correction packages in Los Angeles, California, tailored to revitalize and restore the beauty of your vehicle's paintwork. Our meticulously crafted packages include 1 step, 2 step, 3 step, and 4 step, each designed to address various levels of imperfections and bring out the stunning brilliance of your car's exterior.

Whether your car's paintwork has suffered from swirl marks, scratches, or other defects, our paint correction packages offer the solution you need to rejuvenate its appearance and elevate its overall aesthetic. Experience the transformation that comes with professional paint correction at Experience Auto Styling, where we unlock the true potential of your vehicle's paint and deliver results that surpass expectations.

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Paint Correction Los Angeles

Paint Correction

Removes 40-50% of light swirls and minor defects. For cars that needs a minor touch up, restored to a 'like-new' condition. (4-6 Hours)

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Paint Correction

Removes 50-70% of swirls and moderate defects. This services includes an additional polishing stage. (4-6 Hours)

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Paint Correction

Removes 75-80% of swirls and moderate defects. Multi-step machine correction process removes correctable defects and brings out the best gloss and clarity. (12 Hours)

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Paint Correction

Removes up to 90% of swirls/defects. Includes wet color sanding.

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Choose Los Angeles' #1 Choice For Paint Correction

Our 1 step paint correction package is perfect for vehicles with minor imperfections, delivering a noticeable improvement in clarity and gloss. Step up to our 2 step package for a more comprehensive correction, removing light to moderate defects and enhancing the overall shine of your car's paint.

For those seeking a higher level of perfection, our 3 step paint correction package is designed to eliminate moderate to severe imperfections, leaving your vehicle's paintwork looking flawless. And for the ultimate transformation, our 4 step package provides an intensive correction process, targeting even the most stubborn swirl marks, scratches, and other blemishes, resulting in a truly breathtaking finish.

Experience Auto Styling's paint correction packages are performed by our team of skilled technicians who utilize advanced techniques and high-quality products to achieve outstanding results. Trust us to restore your vehicle's paintwork to its former glory, unveiling a stunning, showroom-worthy shine that will turn heads wherever you go.

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